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This is a great idea! The future of effective marketing is inevitably linked to cooperation with the internet creators. is one of the fastest-growing travel blogs in Poland

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PC310229_square is not only a blog is a project that allows partners to be present in a wide variety of online channels: blog profiles on social media, newsletter, during travel lectures, webinars and live interviews and, of course, in the pages of a very blog itself.

FB & IG profiles
Webinars and live interviews
Newsletter readers database

I am the winner of the second place in the 3rd Tourist Blogger Championships – the contest organized by Polish Tourism Organization.

More than 60 travel blogs participated in  the above-mentioned contest. I represented the area of Lower Silesia in the Tourist Blogger Championships.

Who are the recipients of the content that we create together?

Among the readers of my blog you can find people from diversified environments with main mutual passion – travelling is a vital part of their lives.

The blog community has been developing at a rapid pace. If we compare month to month relation (May 2020 – May 2021), we can see that the number of visitors has increased by more than 400%.

This is especially significant in the difficult times (caused by coronavirus) for the tourism industry. 


How can we cooperate?

Narrating stories about travelling requires a lot of creativity. I will approach our cooperation with the same dose of creativity. The basic condition is that your product or service has to be of value to readers.  I will never recommend anything on my blog which I am not likely to make use of myself.

So what can we do together?

Strategic partenership
This is the most mature form of collaboration which creates a unique relationship with your brand or region with the blog. Great things can come out of such a partnership.
Patronised articles
I will prepare an article in cooperation with you in which I will credibly tell about your service or product and show how to use it while travelling. 
Travelling lectures
I love talking to people and I can do it very well. I will conduct lectures, webinars, lives on Instagram or other stationary events adjusted to your target group.
Reviews of amusements
I will visit the place advised by you, I will use the service offered by you or I will stay overnight in your facility. I will prepare reviews and attractive photos for the blog and social media.
Social media content
I will prepare content for Facebook, Instagram in which your products, services or region will appear. I will take care of their attactive presentation and I will build community involvement. 
Patronised trips
I will go to the place advised by you. I will prepare an extensive article about it with good photos. I will support it with an efficient camapign in social media.
I will take good-quality photos of your product, service, event in a selected (by you) place in the world. What about a portrait session in an inspiring place?
Preparation of travel plans
I am happy to organize a dream trip for you or for employees from your company. I will take care of good amusements, efficient transport and cost optimization.
Haven’t you found anything?
Creative people never run out of ideas. If you have not found anything for yourself on the above-mentioned list – feel free to contact me. Together, we will come up with something empowering.

Who has cooperated with me so far?

I am proud to announce that none of my exisitng collaborations ended at one time experience. We have established long-term business contacts with all our partners which continue to this day.

I think it may be similar with your brand.

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The blog’s natural partners are companies and organizations that represent the following industries:

  • Hotels, recreation facilities;
  • Touristic organization of cities, regions and countries;
  • Photography, film and consumer electronics;
  • Outdoor and tourist equipment;
  • Rail, road and air transport;
  • Financial and insurance brands;
  • Productivity, time and management tools,
  • Producers and distributors of coffee, yerba mate and other drinks (I like experimenting with new flavours)

If your company does not belong to any of these groups – feel free to contact me. Together, we will consider available options.

Media about me

Apart from travel lectures, I also talk about my travel in national and local media. You can find a couple of selected mentions about the blog in the links provided below:

Let’s discuss what we can create together

A real conversation cannot be replaced by any sort of description. During the conversation we can exchange ideas regarding cooperation of the blog with your brand, service or region you want to promote.

Feel free to contact me via e-mail: [email protected] and share your ideas with me. For sure, we will find some solution for the best marketing campaign for you.